Loc Rehab
Does this look similar to your particular hair loss?
 If so, you have found the right place. 

Providing high-quality service and customer satisfaction.  We will do everything we
can to meet your expectations.  It is our goal to provide you with exemplary,
customized services in an environment designed to replenish,
renew and rejuvenate the true essence of your loc's or natural hair. 

                                                                                                  Loc Rehab was founded with the vision of creating a Non-Medical Salon that treats every client with dignity and first-rate care.

Providing Non-Surgical Loc and Natural Hair Restoration to clients who are
experiencing Hair Loss or who may have Lost Hair in spotted areas.


We help Renew and Restore your Locs and Natural Hair,
Save your Damaged Locs and give Birth to Instant Locs.

Loc Rehab has affordable hair replacement services custom designed to your individual needs.

* Free, no obligation scalp evaluation * Discreet, dignified and confidential service
A team of quality trained and experienced locticians

* Professional, one-on-one personal service * Totally private studio * Servicing both men and women

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